MIDCO Pipe Jacks

We invite you to explore MIDCO's product line of quality Pipe Jacks. Available in five different types of stands, choice of seven different pipe jack heads styles, we are sure you will quickly discover one(s) ideally suited for your jobsite needs. Standard Features : Sturdy all steel construction. Drop Stop™ Hand Protector. All parts are interchangeable. Depending on the Pipe Jack/Head style you select, will support up to 2,500 lbs.

Select from the following MIDCO Pipe Jack categories.



MIDCO'S Drop Stop™
Hand Protector

The Drop Stop™ safety feature creates 1" safety zone while releasing the lock washer, keeping the pipe jack head from causing hand inquiries when the lock washer is released.




Master Jack

The Midco Master Jack has a large 21" vee head with a heavy duty 5-legged stand design the offer a maximum margin of safety for use on pipe up to a 36" diameter.

Pipe use to 2,500 lbs. Can be wheeled with ease, saving on lifting and handling. Great for leveling loads during fit up also.

Part No. Description Load Limit
MM-1851 w/Vee Head & Casters 2,500 lbs.

Reel Jack

Midco Manufacturing brings you the best built REEL JACK you can buy at an economical price. Available in two models the #1971 will handle reels from 46" to 96" in diameter. Model #1961 will handle reels from 26" to 56" in diameter

All steel construction with rugged design for job site use. 1 1/2" acme screw for easy adjustment and an oil lite brass busghing so no greasing needed.

Part No. Description Load Limit
MM-1961 Reel Jack 26" to 56" 2,500 lbs.
MM-1971 Reel Jack 46" to 96" 2,500 lbs.
MIDCO Journeyman Pipe Jacks


Durable all steel construction, formed steel legs and choice of seven pipe head styles. Available in two sizes Journeyman Hi Jacks and Journeyman Lo Jacks.


MIDCO Heavy Duty Pipe Jacks

Sturdy all steel construction, steel pipe legs and fully interchangeable parts. Available in two sizes Heavy Duty Lo Jacks and Heavy Duty Hi Jacks.


MIDCO Handy Pipe Jacks


Fold up legs, Easy to carry, fit in toolbox or truck. Head Lock prevents pipe jack head from sliding free from ID tube. Available seven head styles.



Versatile Pipe Jack Heads
Big Vee Roller Head

- 12" rollers with a 60 degree angle
- 12" rollers with a 90 degree angle

All MIDCO pipe jack heads come with an Acme-threaded shaft (except for the Bar Stock Head) for precision height adjustment.



Pipe Jack Parts 
Versatile Pipe Jack Heads