MIDCO Adjustable Roller Stands

MIDCO's offers a great selection of adjustable pipe roller stands to make pipe handling easy as you fit, tack, rotate, and weld. MIDCO's line of Tabletop Rollers Stands, Hi-Rolls, and Lo-Rolls Rollers Stands offer stability as well as portability to meet the demands of your business. All models easily adjust to fit pipe from ½" to 48" in diameter.

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Vertical Adjustable Roller Stand

MM-1601 w/ Steel Wheels 2,000 lbs.
MM-1602 w/Ball Transfer Head 1,000 lbs.
MM-1603 w/Rubber Wheels 1,000 lbs.
MM-1604 w/Stainless Steel Wheels 2,000 lbs.






This is a Hi-Roll 31" Roller Stand with Vise.


Heavy Duty Roller Stand for Large Pipe

The Midco Heavy Duty Stand is built for stability and portability. The Midco Large Pipe Stand is recommended for use with larger pipe ranging from 24" to 48" in diameter. 

Part No. Description Load Limit
MM-1451 w/Steel Wheels 2,000 lbs.
MM-1452 w/Ball Transfer Head 1,000 lbs.
MM-1453 w/Rubber Wheels 1,000 lbs.
MM-1454 w/Stainless Steel Wheels 2,000 lbs.



MIDCO Tabletop Roller Stands

MIDCO Tabletop Stands make it easy to position pipe: fit, tack, rotate, and weld pipe in one easy set up. Models easily mount to any flat and stable surface. Available in four head types .click to view.



MIDCO Heavy Duty- 24" or 31" Roller Stands

Lightweight and portable, MIDCO HI Roll - "31" Roller Stands weigh only about 33 lbs, designed to support up to 2,500 lbs. Available in four head types. click to view.


For safety we recommend placing a stand every 10 feet minimum.