Pipe Handling, Material Handling Equipment, Reel Jacks

MIDCO's selection of pipe and material handling products are ideal for a wide variety of uses, including, manually lifting, handling, and moving long, heavy, and cumbersome loads. MIDCO adjustable all steel construction Reel Jacks, accommodate various reel sizes for dispensing wire, rope, and cable.

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MIDCO “Tunnel Buggy”™

MIDCO “Tunnel Buggy” with unique offset handle enables operator to easily cart, handle, and move pipes, lumber, tools boxes, and other equipment/materials.



MIDCO “Dragin Wagon”™

The hands-held MIDCO “Dragin Wagon” enables operator to handle, maneuver, and transport heavy pipes and cumbersome loads up to 2,000 lbs. without assistance.



MIDCO Reel Jacks

MIDCO Reel Jacks are used in pairs. All steel construction, Handle spools/reel sizes ranging from 26” to 59” and 46” to 96” in diameter.