MIDCO Pipe Jacks Heads

MIDCO offers a complete line of top quality Pipe Jack Heads. Choose from our seven different styles – Steel “Vee” Head, Stainless Steel “Vee” Head, Steel Roller Head, Stainless Steel Roller Head, Ball Transfer Head, Rubber Wheel Head, and Bar Stock Head.

Key Features: All MIDCO Pipe Jack Heads are interchangeable with MIDCO Pipe Jack Stands: Journeyman Hi Jack, Journeyman Lo Jack, Heavy Duty Hi Jack, Heavy Duty Lo Jack, and Handy Jack. Depending on the MIDCO Pipe Jack Head you choose will support up to 2,500 lbs. For precision height adjustment, all MIDCO Pipe Jack Heads come with Acme-threaded shaft (except for Bar Stock Head)

To help you select which MIDCO Pipe Jack Head meets your needs, click product specifications.






MIDCO Steel “Vee” Head w/Spanner Nut

Model No. P30051 (HLPJ-7)



MIDCO Stainless Steel “Vee” Head

Model No. P30055 (HLPJ-13)



MIDCO Steel Roller Pipe Jack Head

Model No. P30052 (HLPJ-11)



MIDCO Stainless Steel Roller Pipe Jack Head

Model No. P30054 (HLPJ-15)



MIDCO Bar Stock Pipe Jack Head

Model No. P30053 (HLPJ-1)



MIDCO Ball Transfer Pipe Jack Head

Model No. P30056 (HLPJ-2 (Pair))




MIDCO Rubber Wheel Pipe Jack Head

Model No. P30057 (HLPJ-14)



Versatile Pipe Jack Heads
Big Vee Roller Head

- 12" rollers with a 60 degree angle
- 12" rollers with a 90 degree angle

All MIDCO pipe jack heads come with an Acme-threaded shaft (except for the Bar Stock Head) for precision height adjustment.